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Just a college girl with high end taste, some great outfits and a mediocre budget keeping shit real. 

Hi! My name is Kendall and I am a twenty something year old girl who loves style, design and wellness. I work in interior design which makes life full of passion and excitement but hurts my wallet after getting to see the highest ends of homes. Hence my love for finding looks for less and finding creative ways to make a space or outfit feel luxury without the price tag. 

I also have a f*cked up stomach (pardon my french, Mom) and am passionate beyond passionate about gut health and holistic living. But, not in the hippie, voodoo, earthy crunchy way. I'd like to think that I am finding ways to glamify gut health because I KNOW you have gut problems too- that is just how common they are. 


Talents include online shopping, re-designing my room every single year, making gut friendly food that sometimes (most of the time) turns out really gross, drinking tequila, wearing heels, sarcasm, overdressing, dishing out any type of advice to my friends when they don't ask for it, and keeping shit real on social media and in real life because as 20 something year olds, life can be weird & hard. 

Weaknesses include babysitting for more than three hours, being hangry, running more than 50 steps, and digesting gluten in any form. 

I started an Instagram page in 2020 to share my love for style, but it quickly turned into an account that has become more "me" than I ever imagined. I've talked about about my digestive issues (so hot girl of me) and shared everything that makes me my best self- from health to interior design to careers and everything in between. 

By no means am I an expert in any of the tips or passions I share, but I would like to think I've learned a few trustworthy things. 

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