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Holiday Edit: Loungewear

Loungewear: Because WTF else are we all wearing all day anyways? Loungewear these days has come to those extra special mornings when you are feeling just a touch more fancy and decide to change out of your pajamas before 4pm. I am notorious for still being in my pajamas at 3pm when I'm done with classes for the day, so when I change into a sweatsuit, it means I am winning for the day and sh*t is going to get done. 

Especially as the winter months approach and we will all be leaving the house less and less, some chic loungewear is the perfect gift for you, yourself, your mom, your friends, yourself, your sister, your aunts, or yourself! 

Some is under $50, others are under $100, and some cashmere sets are under $200. This is the perfect thing to send to someone you are trying to gift hint-hint at, cough cough, hi mom.

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