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What I Spent My Money on in June

My bank account hates this post… big time. But the damage has been done so we might as well talk about it. I did quite a lot of shopping in June BUT I feel a lot of it was justified and necessary for summer. Before I shopped, I had two summer tops I actually liked, no shorts, a pair of summer jeans that were eh, ZERO bathing suits I genuinely liked and felt good in, and a pair of sunglasses that fell off my face. I like to think that I excel in dresses and jackets but none of the above.


I’m always on the hunt for new tops that no one else has. I love finding hidden gems online and small boutiques that have different pieces than what everyone else is wearing. Sometimes I score, other times I end up on Revolve.

I ended up at Free People this time, which I don’t love but this top is really cute for summer, especially because it’s a one shoulder. I think one shoulder anything does absolute WONDERS. Throw this on with a chunky gold earring, high waisted jeans or white jeans, and a nude pump (or color if you want a pop) and you are out the door. 

I really wanted an oversized linen button down to wear with jeans for an easy and casual look that I could dress up or down with shoes and jewelry. I got this one from Mango in a large and it’s not quite as oversized as I would like, but it still has the same look I was going for. 


Oh my god the online jean hunt is brutal. To not be able to try them on in person and then deal with the shipping and return process is a whole ordeal in itself. I tried AGOLDE and I know there are fans of their jeans but they are not it for me. They were too stiff on my thighs and butt and too loose around my waist. Once that ship sailed and I gave up trying to make those work, I found these on Revolve. They fit me like a glove and are VERY flattering. I am 5’8.5”  and they hit me right above my ankle, so if you are shorter, you might have to hem them depending on how long you want them. 


I ordered two from Zara that have not come in the mail yet so praying to the gods they fit, because if not, I’m accepting that I am not a jean short girl. I’ve tried on too many to count so fingers crossed.


I scavenged the internet to try and find a pair of sunglasses that would look good on my face. Sunglasses are so hard to buy online. I wanted a different look than the usual Ray Bans or QUAY and was debating whether or not to invest in a nice pair of sunglasses since the ones with the big price tag were the only ones I seemed to like online. That’s always how it goes. UNTIL I came across a gold mine. Well not really since it’s Free People but these sunglasses are so inexpensive and look like nice, designer ones. I ordered them in all 4 colors because (1) I have issues and (2) don’t want a pair to break when they go out of stock.


Bathing Suits:

Sooo I maybe went a little in on bathing suits. I’ve spent probably 10+ hours searching for not your basic, everyday high waisted bathing suits. Honestly, I think I did a pretty good job. They are not inexpensive BUT my reasoning behind buying nice bathing suits is that if I’m going to essentially be naked in front of people, I might as well wear something that I feel good in while still being naked, even if that comes with a price tag. Sort of weird but I feel like it makes sense. 

Here’s a list of my favorites: 

Billie Razor: 

There’s a reason I was seeing 80 ads a day for it. Buy it. You won’t regret it. My legs have never been this smooth. EVER. 

Slipsilk Hair Ties: 

My favorite repurchase. They have the perfect amount of stretch because you know how you want two loops around for a looser, lounging, low bun but three loops for a high pony when you mean business- yeah, these are your answer. They also don’t leave a crease in your hair which is always a win. 

July we are going to work on ~saving~ our money, biiiig time.

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